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Staff Bios

Leanne Murakami, BA  
Lab Director

Graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communications. Leanne oversees lab operations and its quality assurance program.

She is a competent bulk analyst, receiving her Asbestos Identification training from the McCrones Research Institute in Chicago, IL in 2003 and Advanced Asbestos Identification using PLM in 2016 at MICA taught by Peter M. Cooke.

Leanne has developed solid relationships with many key contacts, technical experts and mentors in the field of asbestos analysis throughout North America. The combined knowledge acquired from her experiences as a Lab Director of Epoch Analytical since its inception in 2006, has contributed to a broader understanding of the wide range of challenges associated with asbestos containing materials, analytical methodologies and techniques that promote accurate analyses.

Leanne enjoys the interpersonal relationships with clients and making their experience with Epoch Analytical Inc, a unique and positive one.

Kelvin Tang, BSc.
Lab Analyst

Kelvin graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of General Sciences with a concentration in chemistry and Life Sciences.

He also attended BCIT and completed an advanced specialty certificate in Forensic Sciences. Kelvin was a chemical laboratory technician for many years where he digested mineral samples with ICP-MS and ICP-OES instrumentation.

In his free time Kelvin enjoys golf, badminton, cycling and hiking.

Lyudmyla Ishkova, Dipl. Chem Tech
Lab Analyst

Myla graduated with a Diploma in Chemical Technology in Leningrad, Russia.

She was a quality control chemical laboratory technician for 13 years in a Life Touch Film Labs in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Upon moving to BC, she was employed as an Asbestos Lab Analyst since 2012.

Myla completed the following training courses at the MICAscope training institute with instructor Peter Cooke: Sampling and Evaluating Airborne Asbestos Dust (NIOSH 582E and NIOSH 7400) Asbestos Identification using PLM and Advanced Asbestos Techniques using PLM.

Ben Wang, PhD.
Lab Analyst

Ben obtained a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

He has accumulated work experience in the chemical and material industry for over ten years. In China, Ben worked for the Beijing Building Materials Group Corporation as a chemical engineer.

When he moved to Canada, Ben worked as a lab analyst in Geochemistry for four years where his duties included evaluating data which include IR, UV, MS, XRF and wet chemistry.

He also excels at chemical and instrumental analysis. Ben completed the Advanced Asbestos Identification course at the McCrone Research Institute, in Chicago IL.

Olivia Tolentino, BPharm
Lab Analyst

Olivia obtained a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Manila Philippines where she managed a Pharmacy for 7 years. When she moved to Canada in 2005, she starting working in various types of laboratory settings as a Production Technician and then onto her long term position as a Laboratory Technician in the Industrial Hygiene and Trace Organics departments. In these roles she calibrated testing equipment, and prepared samples using procedures described in analytical methods such as weighing, homogenizing and measuring.

In her spare time, Olivia loves to spend time with her family, especially her grandchildren.

Simon Chen, M.Eng
Lab Analyst and Lab Assistant

Simon is Engineer-in-Training of EGBC. He graduated from the University of Fuzhou with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering.

He also attended Douglas College and completed a diploma in Data Analytics. Simon has worked in a chemical laboratory as an analyst in Calgary for many years with some projects in a pilot plant before moving to BC to become an Analyst at Epoch Analytical. In his free time, Simon enjoys soccer, badminton and hiking.

Winnie Pan  
Accounting Manager

Her extensive full cycle accounting experience contributes to the successful execution of this important position. Winnie completed her Accounting and Payroll Administrator Diploma from CDI College in 2005.

You will find Winnie to be a very pleasant and helpful person. She enjoys traveling, socializing with friends and eating good food!

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